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Diploma in Global Logistics

Become an expert in logistics

Diploma in Global Logistics helps you build and deepen your expertise in logistics. This diploma program is well-suited for individuals already working or desiring to work in logistics and freight forwarding. The extent of the program is 24 ECTS, and you can choose to complete it in 1 or 1,5 years.

With the lead of our experts, you will learn from the latest research and learn how to apply these learnings in your work. The studies include elective courses from Aalto University, allowing you to customize your studies based on your interests.

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August 20, 2024


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The diploma program offers you a unique opportunity to learn
about best practices and the latest research. The program is taught by leading
experts in the Logistics and Freight Forwarding field.

Possibility to tailor your studies by selecting interesting courses
from Aalto University’s degree course offering.

We offer you the flexibility to complete your studies within a year or
1,5 years. Choose the option that suits you best!


The diploma program is beneficial for all professionals working in logistics and freight
forwarding. The program is also well-suited for persons desiring to work in the field.

The Diploma in Global Logistics answers to the development and educational needs of the
logistics and freight forwarding sectors. The program has been tailored to the sector’s changing
needs and provides professional development opportunities for people working or aiming to
work in the industry.

Contents and Schedule

The program offers an interesting deep dive into the latest research and developments taking place in the fields of logistics and freight forwarding. The program covers topics such as sustainable supply chains, logistics systems and analytics, and linear programming. At the core of this program is to learn how to apply theoretical knowledge in practice.

The extent of the diploma program is 24 ECTS. You can choose to complete the studies within a year or 1,5 years. The studies include lectures, discussions, analytical exercises, case studies, and a development project. You will learn together with other professionals as well as Aalto University’s degree students.

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