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The changing nature of work requires novel expertise from professionals. Aalto ACCESS open enrollment programs offer working professionals the opportunity to embrace this challenge with new types of low-threshold contents that are easily applicable to their own work. Whether your goal is to broaden your horizon, lift your knowledge to a new level in your current field of work, or start exploring a career shift, we will help you get started and move in the right direction on your personal learning path.

Aalto ACCESS open enrollment programs are targeted at individuals interested in acquiring the essentials of themes that are new to them or in more advanced studies on specific topics in arts, business, or technology. The contents are based on Aalto University bachelor and master’s studies tailored to the needs of working professionals. The unique program design gives you the opportunity to learn and network with Aalto University degree students and other professionals on campus, to access the content flexibly online, or to benefit from short microlearning sessions on your phone or using other digital tools.

The Aalto ACCESS program portfolio is continuously developed in close cooperation with Aalto University’s six schools and their departments. Aalto University’s full open enrollment lifewide learning offering can be explored at

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