Competencies Needed in Sustainability Transformation - Keys to Success

Unlocking success in sustainability transformation and green transition demands re- and upskilling throughout the organization, from practical know-how to strategic leadership. In this webinar, our keynote speakers share their insights on the competence development needs for succeeding in the sustainability transformation.

Photo: Gavin Hanigan


To be able to drive sustainable transformation in their businesses, companies need to invest in building the right capabilities for this. An essential part of these capabilities is the right competencies, including the skills, knowledge, and attitudes of everyone working in the organization – from the employees working in operations to the top management who need to lead the big change.

In this webinar, our keynote speakers share their insights on how to succeed in sustainability transformation from the competence point of view. This topic is discussed from the perspectives of academia, consulting, and business case viewpoints.

Maria Sangder, Managing Director at Gaia Consulting, speaks about sustainability transformation, what it means in action, and how companies can prepare for it. Leena Lankoski, Senior University Lecturer at Aalto University School of Business, dives into the competencies needed in the transformation and different phases of it. Sune Chabert Larsen, Chief Ethics & Sustainability Officer at Securitas Group, shares a business case on how Securitas set strategic sustainability targets and started building needed competencies for leaders and key persons in the company. 

The webinar was hosted by Aalto EE and Gaia Consulting.

Aalto EE helps your organization build a sustainable enterprise by developing the capabilities and competencies needed to create a sustainability strategy, ensure green growth, and build sustainability into daily operations. Learn more about our solutions for organizations here.

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