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Future of Work Now - What, Why, How?

There are a lot of myths to bust as well as learning and unlearning to do. What else should be done?




The fast pace of continuous change and its various dimensions and consequences, including for example; the changing nature of work, automatization, and virtual technologies, both interests and challenge researchers, business and people leaders around the world. Some describes the current era as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

Professor Eero Vaara, Principal Investigator and Hertta Vuorenmaa, Research Program Director from Aalto University's Future of Work project share their views.

Eero Vaara, what are 3 strategic steps for organizations to be fit for the future?

Hertta Vuorenmaa, what has been the most surprising discovery in future of work research?

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Aalto EE has several programs that you can learn about future of work .

Aalto HR Hub program has a unique multi-diciplinary concept, connecting participants not only with their peers, but with the leading experts from Aalto University and with our business collaborators. 

Tailored Leadership program will be your journey in learning to inspire people with purpose and understanding what makes you tick. Authenticity and self-awareness are the building blocks for this new tailored leadership. 

Executive HR program focuses on enhancing your strategic HR leadership skills and competencies in a rapidly changing and evolving environment.

Design Your Employee Experience improves employee experience and expectations through service design methods. Better HR processes can improve customer experience, which is linked directly to employees' own experiences and images of the organization. Program is in Finnish.

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