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Whether you are planning to change jobs, looking for new challenges or striving to take on new responsibilities and opportunities, Aalto University’s website for Lifewide Learning guides and helps recognize your learning needs.

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Aalto's website for Lifewide Learning (LWL) is designed to bring together all the Lifewide Learning offering in one place – you can find it at lifewidelearning. aalto.fi. The website includes a tool that recommends suitable courses based on the search criteria.

The offering covers the main fields of Aalto University - technology, business, and art."

Leena Koskinen, Advisor, LWL, Aalto University: “The offering is available on the website, which includes a tool that helps choose a suitable course or program. We also offer personal guidance, so you can request further information and tips for building your learning path. The offering covers the main fields of Aalto University – technology, business and art – as well as multidisciplinary studies.”


On the LWL website, you can find the programs and courses of Aalto Open University and Aalto EE as well as the Aalto University offering included in the FITech network. Also Aalto University Summer School courses will be on offer.

Lifewide learning solutions range from individual courses to programs and degrees. The key competence areas of Aalto University include ICT and digitalization, materials and sustainable use of natural resources, arts and design, and global business dynamics. The focus is on three multidisciplinary themes: advanced energy solutions, health and wellbeing, and human-centered living environments.

The offering is extensive: economics, service design, digital photojournalism, leadership training, technology..."

Leena Koskinen: “The offering is extensive: economics, service design, digital photojournalism, leadership training, technology… Students can delve into a field one course at a time, as they want to update their expertise for their current position or are looking to change jobs. Also, the multidisciplinary studies are worth a browse."

“The courses and programs are either free of charge or offered at a reasonable fee of EUR 15 per credit or at market price. The offering is at its most extensive at the beginning of each term. New courses will be displayed on the website as they become available.”

A few examples of the new online courses are Future of Work and Communicative Planning for Urban Mobility, which have already been released, and Essentials of Emotional Intelligence, which will be launched in spring 2022.


The changing nature of work requires professionals to continuously update their expertise. Former methods and completed degrees are no longer enough. All working-aged people can benefit from updating, comple-menting, and expanding their skills. Learning is the future of work.

Sometimes the changing world of work requires fast moves, which means training and updating one's skills."

Leena Koskinen: “Sometimes the changing world of work requires fast moves, which means training and up-dating one’s skills. Updated expertise give rises to more interesting work opportunities. It’s important to note that the idea is not necessarily to complete a whole new degree or extensive amount of studies – even a small investment can sometimes make a difference. More information packages will be offered gradually for instance in the form of podcasts and videos. It’s a big opportunity for anyone: receiving the latest researched information in a concise packet.”

Who can join?

Anyone. Whether you are striving for a career transition in your current organization or looking to head in a new direction, you can complete study modules even without being enrolled in an educational institution.

Leena Koskinen: “Some of the offering is designed for anyone without a particular educational background. Browse through the selection and get in touch about suitable courses.”

Aalto EE and Lifewide Learning

Do you want to learn something new and update your skillset, but are not ready to commit with completing a completely new degree? You don’t need to – you can update your expertise through individual study modules.

Aalto University Executive Education is a leading provider of continuing education, which has implemented the idea of Lifewide Learning (LWL) from the very beginning.

Now Aalto EE together with Aalto University has a brand new lifewide learning brand called Aalto ACCESS. Aalto ACCESS has been created to offer completely new types of inclusive, low-threshold programs and courses that bring together Aalto University’s degree students with anyone who wants to update their skills both online and on-campus.

Aalto ACCESS programs are targeted at working professionals who are looking for learning contents that are easily approachable and easily applicable to their work. The programs can be tailored for organizations or individuals who are interested in acquiring the essentials of specific topics with the goal of broadening their horizons or even starting to explore a career shift.

The aim is to offer opportunities for supplementary education without the need for a huge one-off commitment."

All Aalto ACCESS programs are developed together with Aalto University’s departments and faculty and the contents are based on Aalto University bachelor and master’s studies tailored to the needs of working professionals. The unique program designs give participants the opportunity to learn and network with Aalto University degree students and other professionals on campus, to access the content flexibly online, or to benefit from short microlearning sessions on your phone or using other digital tools.

“The aim is to offer opportunities for supplementary education without the need for a huge one-off commitment making a traditionally more exclusive university more inclusive,” explains Kerttu Kuokkanen, Business Area Director for Aalto ACCESS.

“For organizations on the other hand, we want to offer the opportunity to enable lifewide learning for their personnel and networks, and to develop the skills and competencies of their people and teams flexibly in an increasingly agile and efficient way.”

Aalto University’s lifewide learning solutions range from individual courses to comprehensive programmes and degrees. Read more and browse programs and courses here

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