When your company grows at scale, your leadership strategy will need to grow with it

Navigating the challenges of growth can be likened to dealing with growing pains, and it's the role of strong leadership to guide the way. As companies expand into new markets, it's essential to have leaders who can inspire and motivate the team to achieve their goals.

The success code of growth companies puts emphasis on the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset and culture and top leaders as promoters of growth. To ensure successful growth, leaders must have both the vision and courage to execute the strategy. They must also create a functioning team that is aligned with the company's goals, which is even more critical than having a good business idea.

In a growing company, dynamics are created through strong growth-oriented business models and goal settings. But it's the leadership that sets the tone, fosters a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, and creates an environment that encourages exploring new opportunities and embracing calculated decisions. Ultimately, the presence of strong leadership is a prerequisite for increasing the overall value of a company.

Fundamental Leadership Issues for Fast Growing Companies

In this webinar recording, Stefan Krummaker and Veera Sylvius equip you with actionable insights and tools for driving growth and success with world-class leadership. The webinar provides the unique leadership issues that growth companies face and expert views on how to address those issues.

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Growth Phases and the Unique Leadership Challenges

Based on the ”Greiner Curve” of Growth

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Growth through creativity: In this phase, the company is focused on developing new products and services to achieve growth. Leadership challenges may include managing a creative workforce, nurturing innovation, and balancing short-term and long-term goals.

Growth through direction: In this phase, the company is focused on expanding its customer base and building a stronger market position. Leadership challenges may include developing a clear vision and strategy, managing rapid growth, and implementing effective communication and feedback processes.

Growth through delegation: In this phase, the company is focused on delegating tasks and responsibilities to middle managers and empowering them to make decisions. Leadership challenges may include developing a strong middle management team, establishing clear decision-making processes, and maintaining accountability and control.

Growth through coordination: In this phase, the company is focused on improving coordination and collaboration across different departments and functions. Leadership challenges may include breaking down silos, promoting cross-functional communication, and implementing effective project management and governance processes.

Growth through collaboration: In this phase, the company is focused on forming strategic partnerships and alliances to achieve growth. Leadership challenges may include identifying and cultivating strategic partnerships, managing complex relationships, and maintaining a strong sense of organizational identity.

Growth through internationalization: In this phase, the company is focused on expanding its international presence and adapting to new markets and cultures. Leadership challenges may include developing a global mindset, managing cultural differences, and navigating complex regulatory environments.

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