The Need for Innovative Leadership Development Solutions

Organizations face unprecedented challenges due to significant transitions, and the urgency for effective leadership development is greater than ever. New leadership skills and organizational capabilities are essential, as old approaches are no longer sufficient.

Rapid advancements in technology, the demands of the green transition, and shifting global landscapes create a complex environment for today's leaders. Many organizations experience declining profitability and disruptions in their core business operations. In this reality, they struggle to explore alternative strategies while ensuring the successful implementation of existing ones.

This situation places immense demands on leadership at all levels. Innovative leadership development solutions are required where human factors, technology, and strategic direction converge.

Leadership in the Age of Transitions – Exploring the Human Side of Leadership

Webinar on September 18, 2024 at 18:00

Join us for a conversation between the Forbes 50 Female Futurist Sari Stenfors and the renowned philosopher Frank Martela to explore questions such as: How can we build meaningful futures in organizations in the age of transitions and radical changes? What does the human side of leadership look like in the future, and can AI ever replace human leadership? With leadership roles becoming increasingly complex, how can leaders themselves find meaning and fulfillment in their work?

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Motivation, Engagement, and Contextual Learning at The Core of Aalto EE’s Leadership Development Solutions

Aalto EE’s solutions always start by taking each organization's context and changing drivers seriously. Aalto University and its unique interdisciplinary approach give us an advantage in making sense of the complexity. Our solutions emphasize the living and inclusive nature of strategies. This manifests in scalable and agile designs that support all levels of leadership in organizations. Our methods are innovative and emphasize agility and creativity. They are ranked number 1* in the Nordics.

Finally, humans and their well-being are at the heart of all our solutions.  We believe in the power of humanity, and our experts and trainers stand behind this fundamental value. 

*Financial Times Executive Education Rankings 2023

Change Drivers in Fundamental Leadership Issues

Current big transitions are intrinsically related to technology, green transition, and the shifting global landscapes. For many organizations, profitability declines, and core business stutters. In this reality, organizations struggle with exploring alternative strategies and simultaneously ensuring they can implement existing strategies. 

Burning Issues for Leadership

How can we increase innovation capability and radically revamp the business? How can the organization be successful in renewing and implementing its strategies? How do we seize global opportunities and rapidly scale products and services? How do we create and lead ecosystems that combine various actors' capabilities? Finally, how do we ensure human well-being and a sense of purpose? 

Impact on All Levels of the Organization

  • Strategic direction and adaptability in the age of transitions
  • Renewal of core businesses and increased ambition level
  • Increased demand for efficiency and rapid execution
  • Strategic sensemaking and implementation across organizational layers
  • Human well-being and sense of purpose – understanding of the future of humanity

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