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Koulutuskokonaisuus IP-assistenteille

Patenting, Practices and Intellectual Property Rights

The Koulutusohjelma IP-assistenteille program is intended for patent and IPR assistants and secretaries who need comprehensive, up-to-date information on patent systems and patent processes both domestically and abroad. The training program responds to the increased skills requirements in the industry and helps develop and maintain professional qualifications.

The Koulutusohjelma IP-assistenteille program is a detailed guide to the patent application process and the related practical dealings with different parties. The program will develop your capacity to support product management and product development as a patent and industrial property rights expert.

Please note that this program is held in Finnish.

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Program Benefits

The Koulutusohjelma patenttiassistenteille program goes through the filing of a patent application and helps you to get a wider understanding of the various stages of the patenting process in Finland and abroad.

You will understand the objectives of patenting and utility models
You will be familiar with the importance of industrial property rights and the patenting process in the U.S., as well as the special features of patent systems in Japan, Asia, Russia, Eurasia, South America, Africa, and the Middle East
You will be familiar with the PCT system and the application process in Finland and in the international office
You will know the European Patent System (EP) and how to make an EP application
You will know how to make a patent application and how the patenting process progresses both in Finland and abroad


The target group for the program is, in particular, patent assistants, secretaries and people in similar tasks who operate in the industry and work in patent agencies.

The program is also suitable, for example, for people working in the field of product development or research, who are interested in industrial property issues.

Contents and Schedule

The program will familiarize the participants with patenting in Finland, international systems (the European Patent EP and the international patent application system PCT), as well as the U.S. patent system and other national patent systems.

Use the sections of the program to build a set that works best for your own knowledge requirements. It may contain e.g. EPO’s e-business training day and WIPO’s online service training day.

Program Fee and Registration

You can register for one or more courses that are organized in a co-operation with Patentit-Teollisuus-Tekniikka -program. When there is more than one registrations in the same order, you will get sicnificant discount. 

One registration will be € 1,600 (+ VAT). 

Campaign prices: When you select more than one program, you will get discount. You can also get a discount if more than one from your organization will participate to the same program. 

  • 2 program participations € 1,500 (+ VAT) / per person: in total € 3,000 (+ VAT).
  • 3 program participations € 1,400 (+ VAT) / per person: in total € 4,200 (+ VAT).
  • 4 program participations € 1,300 (+ VAT) / per person: in total € 5,100 (+ VAT).
  • Next registrations € 1,300 (+ VAT) / per person

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