Buying Is So 2000

Hertta Päivärinta is a journalist and a student of new media, folkloristics, magazine journalism and fashion marketing and a self-confessed fashion junkie who finds inspiration in everything colorful.

Hertta Päivärinta, 31.05.2013

She is the co-founder of the Nopsa Fashion Library in Helsinki, which lends clothing, shoes and accessories on a membership basis.

Shopping for (Nearly) Nothing

Most fashionistas love to shop, but few can afford to buy new  clothes every week, either from chain stores or designer boutiques.  Members of the Fashion Library can indulge in the luxury of shopping for new designer wear every week for just a membership fee starting at 160 euros for six months. They can experiment with different styles and enjoy the pleasure of a new outfit without laying out a fortune or cluttering up their closets.

A New Way to Consume

There are no limits to what can be borrowed  instead of bought. We at the Fashion Library believe that temporary ownership is the way of the future. Minimalism is already a megatrend and the younger generations no longer regard owning expensive objects as a status symbol. In addition to clothes there are lending libraries, for example, for tools, toys and works of art. We believe that the practice will expand to other products as well.

Great Exposure for Designers

Most of the products at the Fashion Library come from Finnish fashion labels. For the designers, the library serves as a showroom and gives them visibility in exchange for a small investment. By borrowing clothes and wearing them out on the town, Fashion Library members give the designers a lot of exposure and free advertising. Some may even end up buying their favorite pieces to add to their own wardrobes. In that case, the entire amount goes to the designer. We don’t take a commission.

PROFILE MAGAZINE 2/2013, page 6

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