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Our Customers

"The Strategic Pricing and Customer Value program provided great perspective on value-based pricing and useful tools and models for improving pricing decisions.”

Robin van Stenis
VP Marketing, Nedap

Nedap is a multinational high-tech company with a long history. Founded in 1929, Nedap is known as the developer of innovative solutions that have a tangible positive impact in people’s professional lives. Nedap offers services and solutions to various industries such as retail, healthcare, and livestock management.

VP Marketing Robin van Stenis is very enthusiastic about his work at Nedap.

“My key responsibility is shaping our marketing strategy globally. I oversee the execution of all of our worldwide campaigns and ensure we have a strong brand presence across the globe,” he explains.

“Although we are highly focused on innovation, our approach is always people-centered: first people, then technology. Whenever we are creating new solutions, we always concentrate on how the user is going to use it and how will it make their work lives better. The best part of my job is working with customers and colleagues from all over the world and building an engaging team culture. I really enjoy a global mindset,” he adds.

Van Stenis has gained fresh perspective on pricing in Aalto EE’s Strategic Pricing and Customer Value program.

“It was an excellent program that offered good value for money. It definitely met my expectations, in fact it even overdelivered,” he says.

Essential insights for improving pricing decisions

Van Stenis points out that while pricing is considered a primary competitive tool in marketing, pricing decisions are rarely solely in the hands of marketing experts.

“There are four Ps in the marketing mix – product, price, place, and promotion – but in my experience, marketing’s role in determining price varies significantly from organization to organization. I recently took on new responsibilities in pricing, so I decided to get a refresher on pricing strategy in Aalto EE’s program,” Van Stenis says.

Van Stenis describes his study experience at Aalto EE as very good.

One of the major take aways was the strong focus on value-based pricing.

“As I anticipated, the instructors were top-tier, and all the lessons they shared were relevant and beneficial. I was also positively surprised by the level of expertise of my fellow participants. We had marvelous, critical debates about inspiring case studies. I really enjoyed our interaction – especially since there were several other participants from tech companies, and many of their observations were directly applicable to my own work,” he reminisces.

Van Stenis affirms that Aalto EE’s program provided valuable lessons for improving pricing decisions.

“The program had a very intensive practical orientation paired with just the right amount of useful theoretical perspective. I gained many tools and concrete models that I can implement at Nedap,” he underlines.

“One of the major take aways was the strong focus on value-based pricing. At Nedap, we sell software and solutions on a subscription basis. We have a very versatile offering, and our customers range from large retail chains like Bestseller to leading brands like Lululemon, Under Armour, and Hugo Boss,” Van Stenis mentions.

“We are currently evaluating our pricing strategy to continue to make sure we offer value to our community. The Strategic Pricing and Customer Value program offered essential insights for determining the added value that we offer to different customers,” he reflects.

“There were numerous other take aways as well. I especially liked getting more perspective on the evolution of strategic pricing and hearing top experts’ opinions on what the probable next steps will be”, he remarks.

A rewarding and enjoyable program

Van Stenis says that he is pleased to recommend Aalto EE’s Strategic Pricing and Customer Value program to participants from all over the world.

It obviously caters extremely well to marketing professionals – and I believe that most executives and managers in commercial roles would profit from participating.

“The program was not only beneficial, but very enjoyable as well. I am based in the Netherlands, and I travelled to Helsinki for the three days of in-class learning. Aalto EE did everything it could to make sure I immediately felt very welcome and so did all the other participants in our group. I had a tremendously good time in Helsinki,” he says.

“I am happy to endorse this program. It obviously caters extremely well to marketing professionals – and I believe that most executives and managers in commercial roles would profit from participating. If you are working in, for example, product management, strategy, or sales, this is a first-rate program that gives you a holistic, strategic view on pricing and useful, hands-on models and tools for determining value-based pricing,” he notes.

“If you are considering attending, I have one piece of advice: Aalto EE’s programs attract highly motivated and skilled participants. If you wish to be a valuable participant in group discussions and get the most out of the program, find the time to focus on the pre-assignments and immerse yourself in the case studies before the in-class learning sessions. I guarantee it will be worth your while,” he concludes.

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