Aalto EE and Silo AI Announce Collaboration to Help Business Leaders Navigate the AI Hype

Aalto EE and Europe's largest private artificial intelligence laboratory Silo AI are announcing an extensive collaboration aiming to support business leaders and decision makers in AI adoption amidst the generative AI hype.

Dr. Seppo Kuula (on left) is Managing Director, Services at Silo AI and Jonni Junkkari is Business Unit Director at Aalto EE.


There is a lot of interest in and enthusiasm around artificial intelligence, or AI, as AI-related technologies are expected to introduce new solutions to multiple business problems, having a significant impact on various industries and business landscapes.

The rapid development of AI-based technologies means that companies are forced to react quickly. Business leaders and decision-makers need to understand how AI relates to their specific business and how it can be used to create genuine added value.In order to succeed in value creation and in building competitive edge with AI, it must be placed at the core of a company's service or product and business leaders must receive reliable information to support their decision-making and management.

"Apart from a minority of technological experts, most business practitioners still lack a deeper understanding of artificial intelligence. Out of 100 business leaders I have met this year, 90 are still seeking an understanding of what AI means, what the opportunities are, and what direction the company should take in its artificial intelligence development," says Dr. Seppo Kuula, Managing Director, Services at Silo AI.

However, AI-based technologies are developing so rapidly that staying ahead of the curveis challenging. Companies face difficulties in assessing what information is reliable and relevant. The "AI hype" polarizes the public debate and creates confusion on where value creation with AI is, and eventually will be, happening.

"When considering Finland's long-term competitiveness, the most important question is how artificial intelligence-based technologies are used commercially, either as part of a product or service to be sold or in their sale and production," says Business Unit Director Jonni Junkkari from Aalto EE.

"As Europe's leading artificial intelligence company, we have a responsibility to expand artificial intelligence expertise. It is one of the most central challenges to be solved, through which Finnish and European companies will find business opportunities in artificial intelligence and remain competitive in this time of monumental change", says Kuula.

Training program combining researched knowledge and practical experience of business needs

Aalto EE and Silo AI are bringing reliable, science-backed knowledge combined with years of practical experience in placing AI at the core of products and services in multiple industries to business leaders and executives by offering a variety of training programs and events.

A crucial part of the collaboration between the two is a new training program aimed at business leaders and decision-makers, starting in early 2024, which will prepare leaders to navigate the “AI hype”.

The aim of the training program is to increase managers' understanding of exactly these issues and share science-based but practical information about artificial intelligence that can be applied to companies' business operations.

The AI for Leaders and Decision-Makers program consists of five modules and is implemented in a hybrid format. The first half-year implementation will begin in January 2024.

The training program offers participants a broad understanding of artificial intelligence-based technologies, how they should be utilized in digital products and services and applied to companies' business operations The program also covers organizational changes required by rapid technological development.

The participation of Aalto EE, a company owned by Aalto University, helps ensure that education is based on research. Silo AI, which helps companies utilize artificial intelligence-based technologies in their business, in turn brings additional hands-on approach and practical experience to the program.

The instructors of the program consist of world-class AI experts, both researchers from Aalto University and experts from Silo AI. Read more about the program here.


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