The Lectures Were so Impressive that I Wanted to Carry On

Vivien Zhou , Senior IT Sourcing Specialist, Kemira, studying in Aalto MBA program

According to Vivien Zhou, the Aalto Executive Summit is like taking a peek in the future. Visionary Leadership in the Age of Digital is the theme of the summit this year. “AI will be a part of everyone’s future. The Executive Summit gave me good insight and I feel a little better prepared.”

Reetta Räty, 21.11.2018

Initially, Vivien Zhou took part in the Aalto EE Global Leader program. Three modules into the studies, she was so excited and impressed that she wanted to carry on. She is now an Aalto MBA student. The international Global Leader program strengthens the strategic skills of leaders who work in different sectors in a multinational environment. It is a compact and flexible study program that has a similar structure, participant profile and study format as the Aalto MBA programs. 

“The Global Leader studies broadened my mind so much that I wanted to continue. I was really impressed!” Zhou says.

Originally from China, Zhou has worked for Nokia and Microsoft. Last spring, she joined Kemira as Senior IT Sourcing Specialist.

Zhou admits to initially thinking that the program would mean extra work and perhaps be a little boring. But the opposite was true: the modules were interesting, and she found herself learning new things and getting to know interesting people. “The Leading Change module made us think about how different instances and people feel about and react to change. I had never thought about it from that angle. The module was useful for my work but also in my personal life. The lessons will bear fruit for the rest of my life.”

Zhou has lived in Finland for seven years. Before the move, she worked for Nokia in Beijing. “As a foreigner, the program also teaches me about local culture and what studying is like in Finland. I was educated in China, and this is different for sure, encouraging free thinking.”

“Communication has been one of the most important MBA modules for me; how to make a presentation, what engaging storytelling is like.”

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