Jeremi Heikkinen, Chief Medical Officer at the Prison Hospital, Receives the MBA Scholarship

The MBA scholarship 2024 has been awarded to Jeremi Heikkinen who strives to improve the subjective well-being of people in health care, in addition to the treatment of diseases.


Aalto University Executive Education and Professional Development (Aalto EE) has awarded an MBA scholarship for the fourth time. This year's scholarship was awarded to Jeremi Heikkinen, who works as the Chief Medical Officer at the Prison Hospital in Hämeenlinna. It is worth €37,800 and it covers participation and materials in the Aalto MBA program.

Heikkinen, a recent MBA scholarship holder, is finishing his doctoral thesis in addition to his work at the Prison Hospital. He believes that management should not work from its ivory tower and does clinical patient work in addition to administrative duties.

"I find my work in healthcare services for prisoners very meaningful. The positive thing about prison health care is that time is on everyone's side. There is time to deal with problems, and prisoners have time to stop at their own problems and get help for them in a structured environment," says Heikkinen.

From the Aalto MBA program, he especially expects that he will gain new insight and views from outside of the field of medicine to support his decision-making and work as a supervisor.

“When you work on one single field, it narrows your thinking. I want to broaden my understanding and challenge my thinking. I believe that this is something in which Aalto MBA will help me particularly much,” Heikkinen says.

The MBA scholarship application is arranged in collaboration with This year's application period was open on the website from April 25 to June 14, 2023, and over a hundred applicants applied for the scholarship. The two best applicants passed the strict screening and advanced to the final round of interviews, where the scholarship committee selected Heikkinen as the recipient of the scholarship.

"As we've done each year with our scholarship applications, we emphasized especially wider societal impact in the selection of the scholar. Both Jeremi's professional background as Chief Medical Officer at the Prison Hospital and his personal strengths as an emotionally intelligent and impactful leader made the scholarship committee particularly convinced," says Kerttu Kuokkanen, Business Unit Director for Aalto EE's MBA programs.

In addition to Kuokkanen, the scholarship committee included Managing Director of Aalto EE and Head of Lifewide Learning at Aalto University Tom Lindholm; Aalto MBA Program Directors Anne Nylund and Kati Illikainen; the 2021 MBA scholarship holder Matleena Aarikallio; CEO of Max Lundberg; and communication manager Emma Niemi from


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