Aalto’s Rankings Went Up in the Prestigious Financial Times Ranking

The combined ranking result increased significantly and reached 34th position globally.


Aalto University ranks higher than in 2020 in the global executive education ranking for open enrollment and customized programs by the prestigious newspaper Financial Times. Aalto University Executive Education Ltd (Aalto EE), owned by Aalto University, provides executive education within Aalto.

In customized programs, Aalto EE ranked 35th globally (36th in 2020), and in open enrollment programs, their ranking was 46th in the world (61st in 2020). The combined ranking, which is based on FTs own scoring system and success in the two aforementioned rankings, increased significantly being 34th (42nd in 2020).

“Aalto EE and its predecessors have been working on lifewide learning for more than half a century. Aalto University's multidisciplinary approach brings our customers a broad perspective and skills that are immediately applicable in their own work,” says Tom Lindholm, Managing Director of Aalto EE.

“We are especially proud to have been able to significantly improve our ranking position in these challenging times. Overall satisfaction with open programs also shows the impact of the programs and the fact that the transition to online and hybrid deliveries has taken place without compromising the learning experience.”

Satisfaction with Aalto EE's open programs very high

The results of the Financial Times rankings are based on various criteria, the weight of which varies. The most significant factors influencing the results are based on participants' experiences from the programs.

The results of the ranking show that the overall satisfaction of the participants with Aalto EE's open programs is considerably high: Aalto EE’s rating was 9.4, while the highest possible rating is 10, and this achievement is better than in many business schools listed in top 20 globally.

The ranking position of open enrollment programs was positively affected especially by the fact that Aalto EE's participants felt that their personal and professional expectations were met in the program and the likelihood that they would recommend the program was high.

The results also show that Aalto EE invests heavily in cooperation of high-quality with other business schools.

“The open enrollment programs of Aalto EE are strongly based on Aalto University’s interdisciplinary expertise, which is strengthened by partnerships with international top business schools. Measured by the partner school criterium, which looks at the quantity and quality of programs taught in conjunction with other Equis- or AACSB-accredited schools, Aalto EE ranked seventh in the world,” says Minna Wickholm, Aalto EE’s Business Area Director for Open-Enrollment Programs.

Measured by the partner school criterium, which looks at the quantity and quality of programs taught in conjunction with other Equis- or AACSB-accredited business schools, Aalto EE ranked seventh in the world.

Customers who purchased customized programs were particularly pleased with Aalto EE's flexible cooperation in designing training solutions that meets the customer's needs, as well as the versatile teaching methods and materials used, which combine the latest researched knowledge and application in practice.

“I am proud of the work we have done together with our customers. With the help of customer-oriented design and diverse and impactful training solutions, we have helped in building added value in our customers’ business and organizations. This is also indicated by the fact that many of our customer companies said in the survey that they would continue cooperation with Aalto EE. Measured by this criterion, we were number one in the Nordics,” says Virve Hintikka, Business Area Director responsible for Aalto EE’s customized programs.

Aalto EE is in the top four in the Nordics

Aalto EE ranked third in the Nordics and 25th in Europe in the ranking for customized programs. As an international company with a lot of business activities globally and especially in the Asia-Pacific region, Aalto EE ranked eighth in Asia. In the ranking for open-enrollment programs, Aalto EE ranked fourth in the Nordics, 32nd in Europe, and ninth in Asia.

The FT Executive Education Ranking consists of three parts. The ranking for open enrollment programs lists 65, the ranking for customized programs lists 70, and the combined ranking lists 50 best-ranking business schools.

For open enrollment programs, the results are based on surveys conducted with program participants and information provided by business schools. For customized programs, the survey was conducted with the person in charge of training at the customer organization, while the rest of the data comes directly from business schools.

Globally, the business school that performed best was HEC Paris, which ranked first in all three rankings. The annual executive education ranking was temporarily suspended in 2021 because of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Further information

Tom Lindholm
Managing Director, Aalto University Executive Education Ltd
Head of Lifewide Learning, Aalto University
Tel. +358 500 474746


Aalto University Executive Education

Aalto University Executive Education Ltd (Aalto EE) consists of five separate brands and solution portfolios. Aalto EE offers thought-provoking leadership development services, Aalto PRO professional development services for experts and managers, and Aalto ENT development services that help entrepreneurs create new business models and opportunities. Finva serves the insurance, banking, and finance sector as well as individuals and organizations in need of financial training, and our newest brand, Aalto ACCESS, offers inclusive, low-threshold programs and courses that are easily applied to an individual’s work combining the portfolios of Aalto EE and Aalto University.

Aalto University Executive Education’s strengths lie in its global operating model and diverse offering. Aalto University brings to our offering a multidisciplinary approach, together with innovative learning methods; this provides a unique combination of practical expertise with the latest research. In addition to Finland and Singapore, Aalto University Executive Education Ltd offers education programs worldwide. As a part of Aalto University, it holds three respected business university accreditations – AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS – which places it among the top 0.5% of institutions in the world.