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Finance for Technology and Business Innovation Professionals

Master the language of finance and communicate strategically the financial aspects of technology and business innovation

Strong financial literacy and understanding are crucial in the field of IT and technology when seeking success in business and taking your career to the next level. In today's rapidly changing business environment, it's essential to be able to make informed and strategic decisions based on financial and non-financial data.  As IT, technology, or business innovation professional, by participating in our program, you'll gain a deep understanding of finance and accounting principles and practices, and learn how to read and analyze financial statements, understand key financial indicators, and make informed business and investment decisions.

The Finance for Technology and Business Innovation Professionals program is designed to help you connect the different finance and accounting dots to support and guide value-based strategic business development from an IT and technology point-of-view. The program covers a comprehensive range of finance and accounting topics, including financial literacy, project budgeting, investment analysis, and valuation. We also cover planning and managing investments, and value creation, providing you with practical tools and techniques to apply in your work roles. The program provides real-world examples and insights, making the learning impact even more valuable.

Gain a competitive edge in the industry and be able to guide your business to success. Don't miss out on this opportunity to master the language of finance and communicate strategically the financial aspects of technology and business innovation. Join our program now and take the first step towards achieving your goals and accelerating your career.

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November 20, 2023

The program provides practical tools and techniques to apply and to make more informed and successful business and investment decisions. 

Gain crucial financial management skills in the context of IT and technology to steer business into financial success. The program provides essential financial management skills to professionals with a technical background or experience. 

Master the language of finance and strategically communicate financial aspects of technology and business innovation. Participants will learn to analyze financial information and utilize financial methods to support strategic business development and decision making.


The program can help organizations gain a competitive advantage by developing decision making based on financial data, mitigating financial risks, and developing strategic competences.

By mastering the language of finance, participants can effectively communicate financial aspects of IT and technology connected business to stakeholders, clients, and investors.
Learn to analyze financial information to assess the shareholder value of products and investments, and make informed business decisions, and identify potential investment opportunities.
By gaining financial skills and acumen, participants can avoid potential pitfalls in investment management and other financial aspects of the business. This can save the organization significant resources and help to mitigate financial risks.


This program is designed for professionals working in the field of technology who have or are expected to obtain financial responsibilities in their work roles, such as product owners, IT architects, designers, project managers, and other experts and managers. The program is beneficial for all IT, technology and business innovation professionals, who need to build and strengthen their capabilities to make more successful business and investment decisions.

The fast-paced and rapidly evolving nature of the IT and technology industry requires professionals to have a deep understanding of financial management and investment analysis to navigate the competitive landscape successfully. The target group may also be facing challenges related to managing cash flow, budgeting, and investment decisions, which can impact the long-term financial sustainability of their businesses.

Contents and Schedule

The Finance for Technology and Business Innovation Professionals Program consists of 3 training days.

In addition to the 3 training days, there are short readings and practical assignments to support the learning and make the discussed topics more concrete from the learners' point of view.



David Derichs

Dr. Derichs is Senior University Lecturer at Aalto University School of Business, Department of Accounting. He is currently engaged in one early-stage startups as senior advisor and draws on more than eight years of international strategy consulting experience at RB (formerly Roland Berger Strategy Consultants).

In his current position as Senior University Lecturer, Dr. Derichs’ research focuses on Performance Measurement and Management, Digitalization of the Finance Function, Cost Accounting, Financial Planning, Lifewide Learning, and Healthcare Productivity related topics. He teaches Financial Management, Performance Management, Cost Accounting, Financial Planning, Information Systems, and Financial Accounting related topics at all levels of the university education cycle (BSc, MSc, MBA, PhD, Lifewide Learning). Recently, he established an international reputation for educational innovation (esp. VR cases) and received three prices for educational development – most notably the Entrepreneurship Facilitator of the year awarded by Kauppalehti and Liikemies Foundation. 

As a management/strategy consultant at RB, Dr. Derichs worked on investor support, restructuring and strategic reorientation related engagements across Europe and Asia in a large variety of contexts, including Engineered Products, Healthcare, Platform Businesses, Consumer Goods, Media, and Banking.  

David Derichs holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Aalto University and an MSc in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics (LSE).

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