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Introductory Buy-Side Due Diligence Online Course

Upcoming in summer 2024

This online course will introduce you to the buy side of due diligence. The course will cover commercial, financial, ESG, tax, and legal due diligence aspects. The course is suitable for people who want to develop a holistic understanding of due diligence processes. 

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Online Courses in Wood Science

Upcoming during 2024

Wood remains one of the most important renewable materials. New lifewide learning online courses focused on wood will be available in 2024. These courses offer bite-sized content perfect for anyone interested in delving into the essentials of wood science.

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Sustainability Assessment Toolkit

The word sustainability is used every day in research, businesses, and our day-to-day lives, but what does it really mean? Our upcoming Sustainability Assessment Toolkit courses will help you improve your abilities in measuring and understanding the social, techno-economic, and environmental profile of bioproducts.

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Sustainability Toolbox for Building Designers

Climate declarations are becoming mandatory in several EU countries. To be able to compile them, building designers need basic skills in life cycle assessment, carbon footprint, and energy assessment. Stay tuned for our upcoming course that responds to the new skill needs in the field.

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Mathematical Optimization

Upcoming in autumn 2024

For: Professionals in STEM-related business (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)

On the business front, optimization is a catalyst for enhanced productivity and cost-effectiveness across various domains. By detangling complex scenarios and recommending optimal solutions, mathematical optimization empowers individuals to make informed, analytics-driven choices, enabling businesses to achieve peak performance, ultimately translating into tangible gains.

In the course, you will learn how to use optimization in practical settings by studying examples, sharing best practices, and discussing typical pitfalls.

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Cybersecurity Leadership

Cybersecurity leadership is essential for a safer digital future. Aalto EE will offer four courses in Cybersecurity leadership with a focus on warehouse logistics, the freight forwarding industry, retail companies, and media companies. The courses will be free for the participants as they are funded by the Service Centre for Continuous Learning and Employment (SECLE-JOTPA). 

The training has been funded by the Service Centre for Continuous Learning and Employment. The Service Centre promotes the competence development of working-age people and the availability of skilled labor. The operations of the Service Centre are overseen by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

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Electricity Distribution Planning Tools

Upcoming in summer 2024

Explore the intricate field of electricity distribution planning with our course on Electricity Distribution Planning Tools. Delve into fundamental concepts, including 3-phase basics, and gain a understanding of node modeling, covering prosumers, substations, busbars, and connection assemblies. Analyze active, reactive, and apparent power, as well as power losses, while navigating the complexities of optimizing electricity distribution.  

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