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Certificate in Software Engineering with Large Language Models

Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as Large Language Models (LLMs), has been touted to revolutionize knowledge work. New LLMs and methods for working with LLMs are introduced at an increasing pace, and companies are making up to billion-dollar investments in the underlying technologies and companies. LLMs and their applications provide ample opportunities for software engineers to improve efficiency, making them a technology that everyone in the field will adapt sooner than later.

The Certificate in Software Engineering with Large Language Models is a 3 ECTS program designed to give participants a running start on the emergent topic of AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), offering them the possibility to engage in a structured learning experience combining online content with cohort-based learning.

By completing this program you will earn an Aalto University certificate, demonstrating your attainment of micro-credentials.

Program content

The program provides the participants with a comprehensive understanding of LLMs and their use as a part of the software development life cycle, offering them insights on applying LLMs in their work. Through hands-on exercises, the participants gain a practical understanding of how LLMs can be used to enhance efficiency, while also realizing their risks and challenges.

The program builds on two openly available self-paced online LLM courses, with additional support offered by team activities and support sessions within the cohort led by facilitators. The structure helps the participants navigate the learning experience in a facilitated way, fostering growth and meaningful interactions as a part of a diverse cohort of professionals throughout the program. The LLM courses that this offering builds on will be available through the FITech network at https://fitech.io/.

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September 13, 2024



This program is well-suited for a wide range of individuals and teams interested in leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models effectively for software development purposes and wanting to learn more about applying AI and LLMs to their own work. 

The program is particularly beneficial for software engineers and developers, tech professionals, computer scientists, programming enthusiasts, and individuals interested in leveraging AI and LLMs in programming and software engineering. The learning journey combining self-paced online content with hands-on exercises and group sessions accommodates varying preferences of learners with different skill levels.

Contents and Schedule

This certificate program teaches you what Large Language Models (LLMs) are and how to use them in the context of software engineering. The focus is on hands-on practice, where you will learn to design, implement, and test applications with the help of LLMs. In addition to learning to work with LLMs, we also learn the underlying principles of LLMs and how they work.

Learning outcomes: 

  • You understand the core functionality and capabilities of state-of-the-art Large Language Models
  • You know a range of prompting strategies and know of prompt engineering and best practices for prompting LLMs
  • You know how to use LLMs for documentation, code and test generation, code summarization, and identifying code defects
  • You can create a programming project from scratch with the help of LLMs
  • You know of existing issues related to the use of LLMs, including hallucination, and are aware of ethical and legal concerns surrounding LLMs
  • You know of the state-of-the-art automated software development methods with LLMs

Core Modules

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