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Johtaminen terveydenhuollossa

The Johtaminen terveydenhuollossa program (Healthcare Management Education Program) is a management and financial training program for industry leaders, managers, experts and decision-makers. The program provides tools for addressing current healthcare challenges and engages in the thoroughgoing development of a range of management skills.

The Johtaminen terveydenhuollossa program extensively covers change and management in the sector through developments in the theory and practice of business economics, production economics, and health economics. Each theme is handled in a pragmatic manner through the frames of reference and conceptual models provided by the theories. Thinking and understanding are deepened by a network formed between health professionals and the program participants. By bringing their own background and perspectives to the program, each participant promotes progress with the studies and enhances the resulting impact.

A group of medical experts from the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and the University of Helsinki is involved in designing the content of the program.

After completing the program, participants have the opportunity to continue with Aalto EE's Health MBA or Executive MBA program.

Please note that this program is held in Finnish.

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September 19, 2024


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Understand and be able to benefit from the changing healthcare sector environment and the related opportunities
Strengthen your strategic leadership skills in a demanding change situation
Get with tools for guiding the selection of healthcare activities, in order to achieve a greater impact and health benefits


The Johtaminen terveydenhuollossa program is a management and financial training program for industry leaders, managers, experts, and decision-makers.

The program is designed for managers, doctors, and head nurses in basic and specialist healthcare, experts from the pharmaceutical industry, and other experts and leaders in healthcare companies and organizations.

Contents and Schedule

The program consists of seven teaching modules. Each contact module lasts two days, except for the fifth, which is a three-day module. The modules are complemented by preparatory reading and assignments, and tasks completed after the training days.

The pre-assignments for each module stimulate interest and help the participants to set their own learning objectives. The post-training day assignments combine theory and practice, applied to the participant’s own work. After each module, participants can disseminate the explored themes through their own organizations, with the help of echo team.

The program is worth 18 ECTS credits, all of which are accepted towards the Health MBA or Health Executive MBA program. The credits are valid for 5 years after completing the program.

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