Stora Enso sets an impressive example of striving for improvement

Aalto University Executive Education (Aalto EE) awarded recognition for the most development-oriented company, the main criteria being responsible leadership and an exemplary dedication to improvement.


Lue suomeksi.

Stora Enso, the recipient of the award, was praised for its fearless attitude towards the future and for seeing opportunities in global trends. The company develops its personnel on a long-term basis and utilizes the expertise of the surrounding ecosystem.

The Accelerator Program for agility, speed and a new perspective on co-creation

One example of new type of development is the Accelerator Program, in which Stora Enso's own experts, in addition to participating in management training, were able to work side by side with start-ups. The result was a completely new type of acceleration of organizational learning to support the process of change.

”It’s great to receive recognition for our focus to further strengthen our strategic capabilities by developing the leadership, competencies, and skills of our employees, enabling our transformation into the renewable materials company. In the Stora Enso Accelerator Program, the collaboration and partnership with start-up companies help us find solutions to global challenges by, for example, developing new materials and circular economy solutions. At the same time, by having our own employees working side-by-side in close collaboration with the start-up companies as one dedicated team, we also develop the entrepreneurial mindset, competencies, and ways of working of Stora Enso,” says Malin Bendz, EVP, HR at Stora Enso.  

One of the start-ups involved in the Program was the Finnish Sulapac, which has developed a fully biodegradable packaging solution from renewable and sustainable raw materials.

Given for the first time, the recognition was awarded as part of the Päättäjänaiset 2019 event, organized by Talouselämä magazine.

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