Klaus Wehage

Through founding and leading 10X Innovation Lab as CEO, Klaus Wehage has built a reputation for being a Silicon Valley ambassador for international corporations, entrepreneurs, government agencies, international investment firms, and accelerators, providing key insights into what makes the Silicon Valley ecosystem uniquely successful and serves as a conduit, connecting the world to the startup community elite.

He is known as the secret weapon for those looking to expand their businesses worldwide, raise capital, implement innovation programs and strengthen their ties to the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Klaus previously served as the Head of International Relations at Silicon Valley Forum, the most prestigious non-profit promoting innovation and entrepreneurship where he started dedicating his career to building and cultivating high-value, sustainable partnerships with international organizations.

To date, Klaus has mentored and assisted 2000+ founders and corporate executives worked with 50+ countries, has mentored executives from some of the largest global companies, and currently advises governments on ecosystem building, including Japan and Taiwan amongst others. Klaus earned an MBA at Hult University and a Bachelors in Business and Culture from Copenhagen Business School, the nation’s most prestigious program of its type. Originally from Denmark, Klaus has lived and worked in 4 continents and has called Silicon Valley home for the last 7 years.