Simo Routarinne

Simo Routarinne was originally trained as an actor at the Finnish Theatre Academy. He is now the creative director at IMPROVment Ltd. He is a professional improviser and an interacting designer with great presentation skills. He is one of the World’s Leaders in status training.

In the last 20 years, Routarinne has worked with a large variety of people, from police officers to priests, from scientists to CEOs, and from actors to doctors. He has given inspirational keynotes, training and facilitating sessions in corporate settings. He has lectured at several universities in Finland and abroad.

Routarinne has studied improvisation under the guidance of Keith Johnstone and has translated his book Impro in 1996. He has written his own two books: “Improvise!” (2004), and “Power in Interaction” (2007). In 2011, he launched the Status Games card deck, a powerful learning-tool of body-language.

He can come up with a playful exercise within any content, context or goal. Learning by doing works best, learning by playing, with lots of laughter, works even better!

He has a B.A. in Acting from The Loose Moose International Summer School.