Daniel Ralph

Daniel Ralph is Professor of Operations Research and Academic Director of the Centre for Risk Studies at the Cambridge Judge Business School.

Danny’s research and industry engagement addresses systemic risks and how a manager can deal with them, risk aversion in capital investment, economic equilibria models, and optimisation methods. Danny is a co-founder of the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies.

The risk centre’s mission is the study of systemic risk. Its outputs include a Taxonomy of Threats, which is a “universal” categorisation of shocks; a growing family of catastrophe scenarios that are used as management stress tests; and risk index of world cities, the Cambridge Global Risk Index, championed by Lloyd’s of London, which is a world first in quantifying economic loss, ‘GDP@Risk’, across a wide variety of threats, most of which are nonfinancial.

Daniel Ralph has a BSc from University of Melbourne and a MS and a PhD from University of Wisconsin.