Gopal Rajguru

Gopal RajGuru is a sales, leadership, and innovation trainer and coach based in Geneva, Switzerland. His background is in top technology sales, marketing and management.

RajGuru is a Lecturer in the Federal Institute Of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland, Executive MBA, in the Master’s of Technology program: ‘Managing And Executing Sales in an Entrepreneurial Business-to-Business Selling Environment’.

He ran the international expansion of WRQ, which is an American software company. He settled in the Netherlands to establish its European Headquarters. In addition, he set-up companies in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Dubai and Singapore. With a turnover of over $100 million, he combined direct key-account sales, and channel-based sales in more than 125 countries.

RajGuru’s teaching focuses on the presentation and implementation of pragmatic concepts, tools & methods, rather than pure academic studies.  As a seasoned, business leader & consultant, his motivation is to ensure that the objectives of a project or mandate are achieved, by measuring actions and accomplishments instead of generating volumes of paper. During his workshops, his goal is not only to teach, but also to help participants learn.

Gopal RajGuru has a B.A. in International Studies from the University of Washington (USA).