Sixten Korkman

Sixten Korkman is Professor of Practice in Economics at Aalto University School of Business since 2012. 

Professor of Practice in Economics, Aalto University School of Business

Previously he has worked as managing director of the Finnish research institute ETLA and the associated think tank EVA. Also he has international experience through his role as Director General at the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in Brussels, heading the department assisting the Ecofin Council and the Eurogroup. He has also worked as Director General for the Economics Department at the Ministry of Finance in Helsinki, as Head of Office at the Bank of Finland  and as Principal Administrator at the OECD in Paris.  

He has published articles in journals and books. He writes regularly columns for a weekly magazine. His main focus of interest is currently the EMU. 

Sixten Korkman has a doctorate from Helsinki University.