Melissa Jones Briggs

Melissa Jones Briggs is a lecturer in Organizational Behaviour at Stanford Graduate School of Business. She has extensive experience in exploring the relationship of power, authority and status, and how nonverbal communication can help achieve leadership goals.

Jones Briggs works with organizations like Intel, Twitter, Lyft, Mozilla, Cisco, eBay, Ubisoft, London Business School, The Clayman Institute for Gender Research, Singularity University, Lorraine Packard Children’s Hospital, Stanford School of Medicine, and Stanford Hospitals & Clinics. In her teachings, she elevates the executive presence and authority of leaders by combining research from the fields of social science and the practical application of performance techniques.

Jones Briggs’s research and teaching interests include interdisciplinary performance practice; psychology of performance; quotidian application of performance craft in public and private life; methodology of coaching; practices of theatre technique that build social cohesion and community resiliency; the role of informal arts play in personal and organizational development; and design theory and pedagogy. She teaches acting techniques to help students perform effectively within networks and hierarchies, a crucial determinant of professional and personal success. She helps her students to broaden their repertoire of physical, vocal and emotional tools to enhance their impact and connection in a leadership context.
Melissa Jones Briggs studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and The Actor’s Center Conservatory in New York. She is an honors graduate from Wake Forest University (USA). She has also worked as a theatre and film actress in New York City and San Francisco.