Henna Hovi

Henna Hovi is an urban planner and is currently working in the City of Helsinki Traffic Systems unit. 

In the past, she has worked as a research assistant in Aalto University Real Estate Economics Department and as a planner in Strategic Land Use Planning at the City of Helsinki. She has a background in geography and planning.

As a planner she focuses on all things strategic – whether the scale is an individual street or the whole city. Walkability, bikeability and sustainable human-centered mobility in cities are Henna’s areas of expertise. As well as being in charge of making the first pedestrian strategy for the City of Helsinki, her projects have included street pilots, like the summer streets we saw alongside Kasarmitori in 2020, and cycling planning, including an EU project called Handshake through which Helsinki seeks to learn best practices from Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

In the future, Henna wants to learn more about how to use temporary measures in strategic planning to improve the walking and cycling conditions in cities and what solutions work when we are striving for long-term change.