Peter Hines

Professor Peter Hines, is Co-Founder of the Lean Enterprise Research Centre at Cardiff Business School. LERC has grown to be the largest academic research in lean globally.

Hines is Europe’s leading authority on Lean having had 30 years experience of research, writing, consulting and training.

Professor, Waterford Institute of Technology


Hines has undertaken extensive research into Lean and written or co-written twelve books including the Shingo Prize winning books “Staying Lean”, and “Creating a Lean & Green Business System”. His most recent book “The Essence of Excellence” was published in January 2019.

Hines is the founder of S A Partners, a specialist consultancy organization that assists companies in applying Lean. He also continues his academic links and is a Visiting Professor at Waterford Institute of Technology, Senior Certified Facilitator with The Shingo Institute at Utah State University and visiting roles in universities across Europe and North America.