Riina Hellström

Riina Hellström is the CEO of Peoplegeeks, a business consultancy and training provider in Agile enterprise development, business development, modernizing and digitalizing HR, and implementing people analytics.

Riina Hellström is recommended internationally as a brilliant agile and people professional. Riina is an enterprise organization developer, executive Agile consultant, and keynote speaker. Riina’s work is all about catalyzing most sophisticated people and business initiatives, in creative and inclusive ways, mostly working with large international organizations.

Being the first HR leader globally to achieve Certified Scrum Professional and Licensed Scrum at Scale trainer, she is bringing Agile into the executive and management levels of companies.

As a pioneer in Agile HR, she co-founded the UK based Agile HR Community, offering certified Agile HR training for HR professionals. Agile HR Community’s training is today attracting HR professionals across all geographies and company sizes.

Hellström is a Master of Science (Technology), a professional business coach, and she has a Master’s degree in Applied Neuroscience from Middlesex University. Recently, she was invited to work among Senior Faculty in the Josh Bersin Academy for HR professionals.