Ville Eloranta

Dr. Ville Eloranta is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at Aalto University School of Business.

Dr. Eloranta is an expert in business model innovation (especially platform business models), distributed ledger technologies (especially open blockchain implementations), and design management (connecting design paradigms to management practice).

Ville Eloranta is teaching future transdisciplinary professionals in International Design Business Management programs and is also involved in developing Network university Fitech (a transformative education endeavor of the seven biggest Finnish universities, Technology Industries of Finland, and TEK). He is researching business models in decentralized business ecosystems and has a solid track record of publications in top-level management journals.

Before joining academia, Dr, Eloranta worked for nearly 20 years as a service designer, programmer, and design agency entrepreneur (founder of a 30-person company in three countries), solving digitalization challenges, especially for big B2B customers.

Dr. Ville Eloranta holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management from Aalto University School of Science.