Michael Christiansen

Mr. Michael Christiansen serves as Chairman of the board for several institutions and companies. He was the Chairman of the board of Directors of DR (National Danish TV and Radio Broadcasting Institution) in 2008-2019. Before DR, Mr. Christiansen worked as a Director General for the Royal Danish Theatre Opera, Ballet, Drama, and Symfony in 1993-2008.

Mr. Christiansen studied at Copenhagen University and graduated as a Master of Law in 1970. He had a long and respectful career in the Government of Denmark. He worked for the Departement of Justice in 1970-88, and from 1986 he was a permanent undersecretary of State for Justice. He served as a Permanent Secretary of State for Defence in 1988-1993.

He affiliated the University of Copenhagen, where he served as an Assistant professor (penal law) in 1976-1986.