Aija Bärlund

Internationalisation, business development and strategic sustainability are the focus areas of Aija Bärlund’s work. During her career she has consulted several Finnish companies to go international and strengthen their positions on the global markets, particularly in Central Europe, China and Scandinavia.

Entrepreneur, Partner, Boardman Oy

Bärlund has solid experience in leading development projects. Together with strategic foresight and industry teams she has built entirely new export industries for Finland.

She has extensive experience in consulting SME’s and listed companies, startups, public sector organisations and associations. Within management consulting she has experience in developing executive team and board work, foresight, business scenarios and strategies, service, technology and business development, internationalisation, market and competitor intelligence, brands and sustainability.

Currently Bärlund holds board and advisory positions in the following industries: management consulting (strategy and brands), care services, foodcare, education and insurance. Bärlund also holds positions in the Federation of Finnish Entrepreneurs, in the board of Espoon Yrittäjät and in the Finnish Association for Environmental Management.