Future Business Environment and Innovative Strategies

At the moment world looks scary and blurry, why is it now especially important to learn and to apply innovative strategies?


Many management teams and even boards of companies have a single expert on digitalization who is tasked with covering eve­rything from understanding existing computer sys­tems and technologies being used in the organi­zations to keeping track of potential technologies about to transform the organization’s environ­ment.

Emergent technologies are the most significant drivers of the changes we’ll see in businesses and societies in the coming years. In this webinar we will tell you how could a participant utilize the Certificate in Digital Business Strategy and Innovation Agility training in its fullest impact taking into account that our business environment is completely different compared to the year 2019?

Professor of Management Science and Engineering Riitta Katila, Stanford University
Academic Director Mikko Laukkanen, Aalto EE

You might be interested in the Certificate in Digital Business Strategy and Innovation Agility program. The program has been co-created by Aalto EE and the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD) to provide participants with the leadership skills needed to execute innovation initiatives, lead agile organizations and conquer the digital disruption wave. The program addresses the challenges and opportunities posed by digital innovation and transformation within an organization.

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