Excellent Discussions on Digitalization and the Ethics of AI

Tommi Berg, Head of Service Operations at Elisa, studying in Aalto Executive MBA program

According to Tommi Berg, the EMBA program has provided plenty of food for thought on the lines of change at work. “When artificial intelligence takes care of certain areas, we need to re-examine how human labor can be used as smartly as possible.”

Reetta Räty, 21.11.2018

Lue tarina suomeksi.

“My colleague did the EMBA degree a couple of years ago, and the thought arose when we chatted about how I could develop myself. We also talked about the option with my employer, deciding I should embark on the studies. My employer shares the cost.

I picked the right program carefully: I shortlisted and compared accredited EMBA programs. The Aalto EE program seemed the best.

The studies have been really interesting. I’ve learned a lot and met interesting people. Sometimes studying while working is tough and has taken up a fair share of time at the weekends. There’s no need for extra hobbies when you work on pre-assignments, final assignments, read through materials in advance – and attend sessions of course.

The strategy module was one of the most interesting and rewarding, giving plenty of food for thought."

I’m Head of Service Operations at Elisa, and have worked in a range of positions at Elisa before. When I began on the Aalto EMBA program, I was eager to deepen my skills in financial administration, strategy, and different areas of management. The strategy module was one of the most interesting and rewarding, giving plenty of food for thought. Each module has taught something I’ve been able to apply at work right away. The module on HR issues, for instance, explored change at work and competence development a great deal. How to ensure systematic competence development is one of my areas of focus also at work.

Discussions on digitalization and AI in relation to ethics and humanity have been excellent at the Aalto Executive Summit in Otaniemi. How to introduce ethical thinking to the way artificial intelligence is developed is a really interesting question. If it isn’t used ethically or without responsibility for development, the outcome can be undesirable.”

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