A Member of the Aalto University Family

Aalto University Executive Education Ltd (Aalto EE) is a part of the Aalto University family.

Mark Badham, 20.05.2014

Aalto EE is a business entity set up to operate the university’s executive education activities. These include the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Executive MBA and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programs as well as Customized Programs and Executive Programs.

What differentiates Aalto EE from Aalto University?

The Finnish Government, through its Ministry of Education and Culture, stipulates that a Finnish university’s continuing education programs must be defined as a business activity rather than a core university function. In other words, Aalto University’s continuing education operations – that is, the MBA, EMBA and DBA programs - must be run as a commercial activity by its business arm, Aalto EE. This is different and separate to Aalto University’s core function of supplying bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs as a not-for-profit activity. University education in Finland is free for students from bachelor’s to doctoral level.

Why does Aalto EE charge a fee for its programs?

Aalto EE’s MBA, EMBA and DBA programs have a fee attached to them because Aalto EE operates as the business entity of Aalto University in accordance with the requirements of the Finnish Government’s Ministry of Education and Culture. However, the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs run by Aalto University are a not-for-profit activity and therefore are free to students in line with the Finnish Government’s free education policy.

What is the advantage of having Aalto EE as part of the Aalto University family?

Students graduating from Aalto EE’s MBA programs receive their qualifications stamped with the approval of Aalto University and with Aalto University’s accreditations. Aalto EE’s MBA, EMBA and DBA program curriculum is supervised by Aalto University’s MBA Board of Studies whose members are professors from across a range of the university’s many disciplines, including business, science, technology, engineering, architecture, design and arts. This means that Aalto University’s world-class academic staff help to develop Aalto EE’s program curriculum as well as facilitate a stimulating learning environment for Aalto EE students. In addition, the direct link with Aalto University’s School of Business has helped Aalto EE achieve the three most respected business university accreditations granted to only 0.4 % of the world's business schools: AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. This close association with Aalto University also offers Aalto EE students many other advantages. For example, Aalto EE students are exposed to Aalto University academic staff from a wide range of disciplines offering innovative learning methods and the latest academic research from across the globe.

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