Suvi-Elina Enqvist, Aalto MBA

Global Project Lead in Creative Brand Marketing at Marimekko Suvi-Elina Enqvist has worked with Finnish and Nordic design and fashion for her entire career.

“Commercializing design and advancing design exports have been the overarching theme of everything I have done. At Marimekko I am in charge of brand collaborations, sustainability projects, and consumer communications,” says Enqvist.

Enqvist graduated from Aalto EE’s MBA program in spring 2020. The decision to start studying had been a long time in the making.

“I returned to Finland about ten years ago after living in France and the United States for many years. I was thinking about the MBA already then, as I wanted to learn more about finance and obtain tools for boosting growth and internationalization. That said, I did not want to start studying before I had enough experience and career behind me, because I wanted to get as much out of the program as possible,” Enqvist explains.

“I eventually started my MBA studies in 2018. The time did not seem ideal then either, because I had a three-year-old and an interesting job. I pondered how I would find the time for my career, studies and family. In the end, everything worked out surprisingly easily. Aalto EE supported me so much and gave me excellent advice on time management and prioritizing,” Enqvist asserts.

Enqvist says that the Aalto MBA gave her numerous skills and insights which she now utilizes in her work daily.

“My favorite subjects were finance, change management, strategy, and marketing. They were all tremendously rewarding topics – and also proved to be the most beneficial for me at work,” she highlights.

I have excellent tools for advancing things in our organization in the right way."

“Communication with Marimekko’s management team, for example, is now much easier for me. I understand finance, and I have excellent tools for advancing things in our organization in the right way,” Enqvist remarks.

Enqvist describes her study experience as highly positive.

“Diving into the academic world was thoroughly enjoyable. I learned so much in the versatile modules, and the carefully selected, up-to-the-minute lecturers opened up different subjects marvelously,” she reminisces.

“The MBA gave me so much. I naturally gained a significantly more in-depth understanding of business, but I enhanced other skills as well. For example, I became a better writer due to the considerable amount of writing I did during the studies. In addition, the Personal and Professional Development Process challenged me to develop as a person,” Enqvist continues.

The MBA Business Project conducted at the end of the studies receives a lot of praise from Enqvist.

“Our project group researched how design companies could take a huge international leap in a highly competitive global market. We applied quantitative and qualitative data, and we put to use everything that we had learned during the past two years. The project was demanding, but extremely interesting and enlightening,” ponders Enqvist.

Enqvist affirms that the MBA program met her needs well.

“The Aalto MBA is an excellent vantage point to Finnish business life. During my studies I got to meet many interesting people from top ranks of business, and the study experience was enriched by our diverse and international group. We all learned a great deal from one another,” she underlines.

The study experience was enriched by our diverse and international group. We all learned a great deal from one another."

“The studies kept me constantly out of my comfort zone, in a positive way. I quickly noticed that success depended on my own attitude, and my ability to change myself and my deep-rooted ways of thinking,” she adds.

Enqvist says she is happy to recommend Aalto EE’s MBA program.

“Afterwards, I have often silently thanked myself for having the courage to start studying. In hindsight, the timing was just right,” she points out.

“I hope to see many more people from creative industries enroll in the program. The Aalto MBA program offers exactly the kind of insights that design companies need in order to grow and become international,” Enqvist emphasizes.

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