Nina Shteingart, Aalto EMBA

Lead Consultant at Plaut Consulting Russia Nina Shteingart has worked with implementing IT solutions nearly all her career. A few years ago, she took on managerial responsibilities, and currently she is in charge of a fast-growing department at Plaut Consulting in St. Petersburg.
At a career crossroads, Shteingart decided to obtain an EMBA degree.

“I was at a point where I had to decide whether I wished to grow even further as a technical expert or move into a management position. As I opted for management, an EMBA degree seemed like a smart idea,” Shteingart explains.

Shteingart describes the Aalto Executive MBA program as the ideal choice for her.

“I wanted a high-quality education and an international diploma, without having to travel too far from my home in St. Petersburg in Russia. After looking into relevant alternatives and visiting a few schools, I chose Aalto EE. It made a very good impression on me,” she remarks.

“The commute was no trouble at all. The Allegro train took me from city center to city center in just three and a half hours. I actually had a shorter commute to Aalto EE than some of my fellow EMBA participants from Finland,” she reminisces.

Shteingart depicts the EMBA program as simultaneously highly challenging and satisfying.

“I was very pleased with my EMBA journey, which also included two Study Tours: Palo Alto and Boston. The Aalto EMBA gave me confidence and a wide-ranging overview of business. Now, I share a common language with finance directors and CFOs,” she lists.

The Aalto EMBA gave me confidence and a wide-ranging overview of business."

“Regardless of the topic, we also always learned new insights about how to become a better leader and a better person. I found this rewarding,” she continues.

Shteingart names the Management Communication module as one of her fondest memories of the program.

“It was highly impressive from start to finish, and we learned such great practical applications! One of the tools we got was in fact a physical tool: a communication wheel for difficult communication situations that require carefully chosen words. It is on my desk and has proved to be quite helpful indeed,” she emphasizes.

Shteingart affirms that the Aalto EMBA provided genuine eye-openers for her, for example the way in which she views failures and mistakes.

“I think my single greatest take away was the way I view failures. I used to feel that every mistake was a tragedy. Now, I regard errors as learning opportunities. It has made me both a better manager for my team, and a better employee,” she points out.

Shteingart was positively surprised by how much she learned from other participants.

“Aalto EE has a marvelous approach to learning. It is worlds apart from a traditional classroom setting where you merely sit and listen. We had active discussions in every subject, and I found learning from other participants immensely valuable,” she mentions.

Aalto EE has a marvelous approach to learning. It is worlds apart from a traditional classroom setting where you merely sit and listen."

“My EMBA group was extremely inclusive. Before the program started, I was somewhat worried, because I don’t speak Finnish and I am not exactly an extrovert. These concerns were quickly brushed aside. Interaction with all the other participants was wonderful. I think it was actually the best part of the entire program,” she underlines.

Shteingart also has a great deal of praise for the Business Strategy Project, BSP. It is a strategic consulting project conducted in small groups for organizations represented and suggested by EMBA participants. Developing growth strategies for Shteingart’s employer Plaut Consulting Russia was chosen as one of the projects.

“Top managers at Plaut Consulting were ready to share all the information we needed to succeed. This significantly contributed to the valuable results we were able to deliver,” ponders Shteingart, whose group finished the project with the highest possible mark.

“If you hope to win a place in the BSP for your own employer’s project, I have some hints: I think that my pitch was successful because Plaut Consulting was very clear about wanting tangible ideas that it could apply directly. The beneficial proposals we came up with were due to the people in my group having exactly the right expertise for the project – and Plaut Consulting’s active help in shaping our initial ideas,” she says.

Shteingart asserts that she is happy to endorse the Aalto EMBA program.

“I definitely recommend participating in the Aalto EMBA, it is an outstanding program that exceeded my expectations,” she concludes.

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